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Candela Estéreo Bogotá


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Category: Colombia

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Candela Estéreo BogotáEmisora Candela Estéreo Bogotá en vivo – Listen online streaming, get the radio frequency & detail information. Radio Candelaestéreo FM broadcasting on-air from Colombia with 101.9 FM frequency. Its available on internet online live from based office in Bogota, Colombia with spanish language. Visit official website to get more information, dial, DJ profiles office locations and other informations regarding to your 101.9 Candela Estéreo Bogotá radio online Colombian radio.

Website : http://www.candelaestereo.com



Candela Stereo is a Bogota radio station Radiópolis company (formerly WV Radio), owned by William Vinasco Ch. And directed by the speaker Javier Villamizar Morales. It emerged in the early 1990s following the purchase of El Dorado Stereo, station Colmundo belonged to the chain and the Colombian Radial Group. It emits various genres of popular music (merengue, vallenato, salsa, romantic ballad, ranchera, etc.) and some talk shows and variety shows.

The flag of this transmitter programs are Azuquita pa’l coffee, an hour with La Sonora, Party Nights and Candela Candela. Other popular programs are: “El Foforrito” and “Sintonía of madness”.




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