Privacy Policy

It is the policy of RadioThe that all personal information collected via this website is private and strictly confidential. Such personal information includes but is not limited to the full name; postal, email and ISP addresses; and personal telephone and cell phone numbers of site visitors. Because the privacy of our visitors is important, RadioThe maintains the following privacy policy to protect your personal information:

  1. By accessing this site, site users consent to the terms of RadioThe’s privacy policy for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set forth below. RadioThe does not collect, use or disclose any site users’ personal information for any purpose, other than those outlined below, without the user’s consent or as required by law.

The information we collect:

  • Site Activity Data: Our web server automatically collects and logs certain information on each user to visit the site. These access logs include but are not limited to the user’s IP address, username (if applicable), date and time of visit, and files accessed. These logs also contain ‘referrer’ information if the site user clicked on an external link to access an RadioThe webpage. RadioThe’s access logs are used solely for performance, site administration and security reviews. They are not sold or shared in any way to any third party entities.
  • Cookies: Portions of the RadioThe website use cookies for security and authentication purposes. Information gathered by cookies is used solely to maintain a single user’s connection and session on the RadioThe server. This information is not shared or sold to any third party entity for any purpose.
  • Personal Information: Personal information, such as a site user’s name, personal telephone number, and postal and email address is collected only when voluntarily provided through one of the contact forms on RadioThe’s website

2. This site contains links to third-party websites and/or content providers. This privacy policy does not extend to third-party websites and content providers, nor is RadioThe responsible for the content linked to or provided.

3. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be promptly communicated on this website. Policy changes will not alter how RadioThe handles previously submitted personal information.