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Radio Formato 21

Radio OnLine AM770

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Category: Mexico

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Radio Formato 21Radio Formato 21 en vivo live and streaming frequency detail informations radio Formato21 AM broadcasting onair on 790 Khz direct from Av Constituyentes 1154, 11950 Mexico City, Mexico. Visit official website to get informations, dial, DJ profiles office locations and other informations related with Radioformato 21

Website : http://formato21.mx



The world’s largest city where time is short, being well informed is vital and FORMAT 21 is with you.

Fast, clear and objective at the time you need or want to know news. Every 20 minutes informative summaries complete, the pulse of the city and full coverage of what happens in the country and the world.

Be guided in traffic every day with the vial report every 10 minutes, continuous transmission 365 days a year.


• FORMAT 21 born May 17, 1993 with an innovative concept only news 24 hours a day. Unico information system of its kind that has been consolidated over more than a decade.
• FORMAT 21 XerC on 790 AM with 50,000 watts of power, informative reference is required for the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico, motorists in particular, for whom it is important to find the best road alternatives.
• FORMAT 21 is the informative commitment Grupo Radio Centro and the most important news agency radio in Mexico.
• FORMAT 21 is information without limits.

A full team of radio journalism with the only requirement to provide a useful and practical information service, so you make the best decision.
Drivers, editors, reporters general, urban domestic and foreign reporters and correspondents will provide the best and most complete coverage of the events of interest every 20 minutes, so you do not waste time.
Our strength is professionalism, timeliness, objectivity and clarity informative.




** Note :

You're listening to Radio Formato 21. The radio should be listened fine. if its doesn't work. Try another browser. For some player need to install Media Player Plugin. If the radio still can not be player make sure:

  1. You've installed the plugin.
  2. The Radio Station may stop during midnight zone.
  3. The radio is broken or offline.
  4. Plugin not installed. Download Adobe Flash for your browser.