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La Ranchera de Monterrey


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La Ranchera de Monterrey La Ranchera de Monterrey en vivo, encuchar radio Mexico en linea! Deliver variety specific genre programmes and offers a variety of music, entertainment, talk and news, broadcast live streaming from Monterrey, Mexico.

Title Descripstions
Name La Ranchera de Monterrey
Address  Ave. Cuauhtémoc 725 Nte. colonia, Centro, Monterrey, N.L, Mexico
Live On 1050 AM (http://www.larancherademonterrey.com.mx)
Call  11587000
Short Information XEG-AM or known by La Ranchera de monterrey is a radio station live broadcasting at frequency 1050 kHz in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. The radio serving around Guadalupe, Nuevo León and brands itself. Known for its border blaster status in the 1950s, the radio focused on broadcasts ranchera music. Listen to the radio laranchera live online. The radio have various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, talk, and news. Broadcasting live from Monterrey, NL, Mexico (one of a local cities in Mexico). The radio speak with spanish language. Get the latest information all about your Caferomantico radio on the official website. Find the latest music song, album, and favourite music information from hip hop, pop, jazz, reggage, and another music. Get also information about the breaking news, talk, business, politics, sport, health, lifestyle, live streaming, and DJ profils . Explore science, tech, religion program & more, with videos & news (if the radio provide it, its deppend your stations. Contact your radio support to know it) Just exclusives on your favorite radio stations or stay with its frequency from your device.

Monterrey is a city and municipality Mexican capital and most populous city state of Nuevo León. In 2010 he brought together a total of 1,135,512 inhabitants, making it the ninth most populous city in Mexico and head of the Monterrey metropolitan area, which includes a total of 4.15 million in 2010 so it is considered the third most populous metropolitan area in the country only after Mexico City and Guadalajara, and the second in area.

Monterrey is one of the most developed cities in Mexico, has a great culture and history, not to mention it is also a business center, industrial and economic very important. It is the city with the best quality of life in Mexico and the seventh in Latin America. Has a strong economy as the base of many national and international companies such as Cemex, OXXO, FEMSA, among others, for what is called the Industrial Capital of Mexico. It is the second richest in Mexico City and the ninth in Latin America with a GDP PPP of $ 130,700 million in 2012, with a per capita income of $ 31,051, being the highest in the country and the second in Latin America. The city is considered a beta city for being globalized and competitive.

Monterrey is located in northeast Mexico, in the Sierra Madre Oriental. Monterrey was founded in 1596 by Diego de Montemayor. In the years following the War of Independence of Mexico, Monterrey became an important business center and the establishment of Fundidora Monterrey, the city experienced a major industrial growth. (UAG).



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